Win in Roulette with the Help of Math

Win in Roulette with the Help of Math

Math is labelled as difficult and boring lesson at school. You can find so many formulas and use none of them in real life. Stop there! Math can help you even in playing casino games, roulette. Here are several online roulette betting types and ways to win in roulette with the help of math. Better if you take a note.

Win in Roulette with the Help of Math

Win in Roulette with the Help of Math
Win in Roulette with the Help of Math
  • Count the Bounces of the Ball

This will include the simple math formula. You just need to count on how many the ball bounces before it just rolls on the wheel. This will help you to predict where the ball will stop at the end. Of course this will not the most accurate way to ensure your win in roulette game, but at least it will help you. It is better to watch the game several times before place any bet on it, then you can calculate the probability and your bet will be more precise.

  • See the Tilt of the Wheel

This way needs more complicated math counting and also the skill of assuming on math. You can predict where the ball will stop if you can see to which side that the wheel has the tendency. You can find that many experts try to count using complicated math formula named geometry.

However, if you can see the tilt of the wheel, you should stay in that table. Because the ball will stop in the lowest area and this will limit the probability. This way is a little bit difficult to do without seeing the wheel itself and almost impossible to do.

  • Share Your Betting Money in a Half

As you know, roulette betting does not only about the numbers inside the wheel. It has what is called outside betting. There is a bet that only requires you to choose between the red or black color, where the ball will stop. It means that you will have 50:50 probabilities, as the number of red and black color are just the same. So, you just need to divide your bet for red and black color on the same amount.

However, it is just the same if you want to bet on even or odd outside betting or 1-18 and 19-36. You can split you betting money in the same amount between them because the probabilities are 50:50. Of, course there is the zero number that will differentiate the probability, but in fact, the ball is rarely stop in the zero number.

  • Divide Your Money into Three

If you see the table in roulette game, it also has outside betting game that ask you where the ball stop, whether it is in the first 12 numbers, in the second, or third. So, the best way is just use your math brain to divide the betting money into three.

No more talking that math is a useless lesson. It is useful when you know some guidelines and tips, including to play and win roulette game. Just try by yourself and then get a bunch of money into your bank account because win in roulette with the help of math is possible. Happy betting!

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