Useful Tips to Win in Dragon Tiger Game

Useful Tips to Win in Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon tiger is a very lucrative game. It is also very easy to play. If you have been familiar with baccarat, you will be able to understand the rules and play the game very quickly. However, you also need to devise some effective strategies using these useful tips to win in dragon tiger game!

Before we talk about the tips, it is better to know how to play the game. First of all, you do not play the game against the dealer. Then, like what you do in baccarat, you need to place a wager on a hand which you think has the highest value. The hands are called the dragon and tiger. You can also place the tie bet or other side bets. The different of the game with baccarat is that the dealer will only add only a single card to each hand. No additional card will be dealt.

Place a Bet on Either the Dragon or Tiger

If you are not a card counter or you have not been familiar enough with the game, placing a wager on either the dragon or tiger hand is your safest option. In fact, this strategy is used by professional bettor as well. The house edge of both hands is only 3.73% which is the lowest one among all other bets’ house edges. See? The game is actually very simple. Simply select the hand that you predict has a better value and you can instantly get an even payout.

Learn to Be a Professional Card Counter

If you are already one of them, the game will be your playground. If you haven’t started learning the skill, you should start learning it. You can count the cards easily and keep track of the number of seven cards which have dealt by the dealer due to the simplicity of the game. This is very important because if a seven card appears, you will lose the wager automatically no matter what wager you place.

Employ the Suit-based Tactic

You should not rely only on luck. Play the game using the suit-based tactic will boost your profits. To do this you should just keep track of the suits that have been dealt most. Calculate the number of suits that have been used and the remaining ones in the deck. Then, you can place a relatively safe bet on the suit having been dealt the least.

Avoid Placing the Tie Bet

We have told you the best bet, we will tell you the worst one too. Do not get fooled by the eight to one payout that the tie bet offers. The house edge of the tie bet is very high. It reaches 32.77%. There’s another bet which is far worse than the common tie though. It’s the suited tie!

Forget about Betting Systems

You have known that betting systems make players go broke more often than making them rich. They can do it very quickly too! It also applies to the dragon tiger game. Therefore, if the thought of using any betting system, especially the progressive ones, pops out in your mind, just brush it off.

Those are the best and useful tips to win in dragon tiger game. Apply them in your next gambling session and you will reap a very high amount of prize. These tips are also useful for preventing bankruptcy too. Keep them in mind and practice them until you become a professional!



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