Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math

Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math

A lot of pikers might wonder: Is there any casino games that is connected to math? Since many mathematicians claim that gambling is actually closely related to factual calculation, the answer to the above question is likely to be true and here are the Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math. Learning about the sides will give more advantages for those who can master it.

Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math

Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math
Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math


This game is surely listed as one of the most popular games in live casinos. Take a look at some providers such as Opus, Royal, Allbet and PT Casino. All these sites won’t fail their new and regular card-sharks who seek for the joy of roulette betting.

It is basically a game where the bookies should bet on a number and a color. The available colors are red and black method, with one or two green blocks on the board. Keep in mind that the payout ratio for roulette is 35:1. When put into real calculation, betting 10 MR will give the sharpie his 10 MR back plus the 350 RM as the bonus. It is possible when the adventurer wins the bet.

The bookies might have to take several rounds for practice. For example: the ball will land on the red slot on number 20. Before spitting the bet, it is better to make a quick calculation of the landing probability. The formula is dividing the number of the colored slot with the total number of slot. Since the red ones usually counts to 18 out of 38 slots, the probability is equal to 47%.

In the other words, the house has higher chance of winning. If the bookie is faithful to the red slot, he will lose around 0.53 RM for each losing bet.


One more casino game that attracts a lot of hazarders is blackjack. It is a card game that expects the players to pull two cards. After simple calculation, the total should be 21 or less. If the card-shark pulls bigger number, then he loses the bet. In a case where the dealer and the gamblers secure the calculation, the one closer to 21 wins the game.

Instead of depending on the probability, the  online blackjack rules is closely related to dependent events. It refers to the previous events take place before the current condition. For instance, drawing a king will increase the probability of having ace in the stack, especially, when this trump card is rarely pulled out in the previous rounds.

In this case, the probability in each round is constantly changing, as the card drawn by the sharpie and dealer will be different. Therefore, it usually takes several warming up rounds before the bookies could get sense the likelihood of the next card.

When a petty gambler could master this trick, the chance for dealer to win will decrease up to 0.5%. Joining the bet without this skill will raise the house advantage to 7%.

After learning Two Casino Games That Is Connected To Math, it could be concluded that all games are running on the same page: probability. Even though the bookies understand every instrument on the game, the real ace is sensing the expected value. This is how the casino strategies that is connected to math will help the bookies.

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