Top 3 Casino Card Games to Play in Online Casinos

Top 3 Casino Card Games to Play in Online Casinos

Online casinos are the best solution for you who want to have a quick entertainment of a casino from wherever you are and at whenever you are. You can play any kind of casino games in this online casino website. However, the most favorite game is the card game. Here are top 3 casino card games to play in online casinos that you can try.

Top 3 Casino Card Games to Play in Online Casinos

Top 3 Casino Card Games to Play in Online Casinos
Top 3 Casino Card Games to Play in Online Casinos
  • Baccarat

This game is really popular because the bettors just need to guess which hand, banker or player, has the highest value card. Easy? Yes. It does not require any complicated formula and strategy because bettors can just depend on their own luck.

You will see two hands in this game, banker and player, which has two cards on each hand. Choose which hand has higher value card. If you are right, then you win. Just remember that an ace will be considered as one, two until nine as it is, and the rest cards will value as zero.

The tricky part of this game is to place a bet on banker, you should give five percent of the winning money if you win, but many bettors believe it is a kind of casino strategy to get more money since the chance of banker will win is high. You also will have other option to choose which is the tie bet, but it is not really suggested. Why? It is because of its high house edge and small percentage of tie result.

  • Poker

Who does not know poker? This game is really popular and a must-exist game in a casino, the land-based one or the online one. Poker is really a tantalizing card game that needs strategy both in playing the cards and also playing with the opponents. The poker player will try to affect the opponents and persuade them place more money as a bet. Poker uses chips as the representation of money. The players will toss those chips in a bowl, then later the winner will get the chips in the bowl.

What you need to do to win this poker game is good cards. There are some combinations of cards that will give you straight win such as royal flush. You need an ace, jack, queen, king, and number ten to make this combination. However, as long as your cards have better values than other player, you can win the bowl.

  • Black Jack

Black Jack is surely popular. You need to collect cards which has twenty-one value and you can win the money. How to get it? You should have a jack, queen, king, or ten and also an ace, which is counted as one or eleven. It is so lucky, if you can get this black jack. However, if you do not have the black jack formation, you should have cards with bigger value than other players to win. So, you can use buffing strategy to affect you opponents, such as in poker.

Among those top 3 casino card games to play in online casinos, which one is your favorite? Start to play them all and those three card games will definitely give you unexpected experience and also a huge jackpot. Happy betting!

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