Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Card game is very popular in the casino games. Therefore, you will easily find many kinds of card games if you enter the casino or just playing it online. One of the most well-known card games is the dragon tiger game. As its name, it stands for the dragon bet and the tiger bet. Basically, the game is similar to baccarat game but it is the two card versions. You may not know much about dragon tiger game, so here are things you didn’t know about dragon tiger casino game.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Tiger Casino Game
Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Introduction of Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Dragon tiger game is firstly introduced in Cambodia. Many people like to play dragon tiger game because the game is very simple and fast. Dragon tiger can be played in the land based casino and also the online casino, which is very popular nowadays. Dragon tiger uses the English standard of card game which uses one deck card with 52 cards inside. It does not use the joker card or the other wild card.

Different with baccarat game, in dragon tiger casino, the player should take the card once without taking more additional cards. This game is similar to baccarat since there are three bets which are dragon bet, tiger bet and tie bet. However, it works slightly different and simpler compared to the baccarat game. That is why many players tend to play the dragon tiger game.

Game play of Dragon Tiger Casino Game

The dealer distributes the card to the players and then keep a card openly on the casino table. If the player get higher and highest card, the player win the game. Before that, you should know that Ace card has the lowest score. Then, if the player chooses either dragon or tiger bet and the result is tie, the dealer will take all the money.  Meanwhile, if the dragon tiger win the game, the players who choose the tie bet will lose a half of the money.

However, it is the same with baccarat where the dragon tiger bet hold the lowest house edge. It means, the chance and opportunity to win the game is higher. While the tie bet has the highest house edge which means the winning is the biggest but the chance of winning is the lowest. So, choosing the dragon or tiger bet is more preferable if you are looking for profit. If you are looking for challenge, then take your risk by choosing the tie bet.

Maximum Bet Will Not Work

In playing dragon tiger, maximum bet will not work well. Let’s see, if you place the maximum bet on the dragon or tiger and win, the profit is not that high. Moreover, if the tie bet win, you will lose all your money. So, maximum bet does not always give best result for the players.

Those are some things you didn’t know about dragon tiger casino game and some tips to win in dragon tiger game. This fast and simple game suits you best if you like card game with easy and simple game play.

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