Roulette Strategies to Win Big Amount of Money

Roulette Strategies to Win Big Amount of Money

Among many casino games, roulette becomes one of the oldest game since long years ago. Basically, roulette looks like it bases only on chance and luck. However, there is no game without strategy, including roulette. You can use roulette strategies to win big amount of money or at least, reducing your chance to lose the game. If so, you can follow these following strategies.

Roulette Strategies to Win Big Amount of Money

Roulette Strategies to Win Big Amount of Money
Roulette Strategies to Win Big Amount of Money

Increasing Your Profit

In any casino game, the main purpose of playing the game is obviously the profit. In order to increase and maximize your profit in roulette game, you should pay attention to some strategies.

  1. Spin the wheel first before your turn

This strategy works in order to find out whether there is any bias or not. The bias itself is for example the wheel mostly lands on the odd number.

  1. Playing at free table

Before starting to place your bet, it is better if you play at free table first. It will increase your confidence since you will have the feeling of the game. Therefore, you can determine the amount of your betting later on.

  1. Be careful in playing online roulette

If you play the online roulette, you should make sure that the sire is trusted and it is legalized by eligible casino. By being careful, you will not risk your money because untrusted site may scam your money.

Minimizing Chance of Losing

In order to win the game, of course you should minimize your chance in losing the game. Therefore, it is necessary think about how to minimize your lose.

  1. Knowing the amount of your bet

In any casino game, including roulette, you should know how much money you will used to bet. This is similar with the money you will lose. Therefore, you must think carefully and make sure that you can afford that money. Do not let your emotion takes control and make a risky decision since it is your money.

  1. Sticking on the outside of roulette

Actually, by sticking on the outside of roulette will not give you less amount of profit however it minimizes the chance of losing the game. It is better although the return is 1:1 only.

Using Betting Strategies

  1. Martingale Strategy

This strategy works by doubling up the amount of the first betting. Then you should place your betting in the same color roulette until you win the game. However, you should have enough money to use this strategy since you will double your bet.

  1. Grand Martingale Strategy

Grand Martingale Strategy is similar with Martingale strategy but in grand martingale strategy, you will double up and also add another unit. The unit is based on your first betting.

  1. James Bond Roulette Strategy

This strategy works by spreading your bet. So, you bet on the different numbers. Then, make sure that you have enough money before using this strategy.

In playing roulette game, many things you should consider. First, it is of course how to play in online casino and the roulette strategies to win big amount of money. Second, it is minimizing the chance of losing the game because somehow it is better than winning big prize.

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