A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming

A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming

For classic fighter game lovers, this slot will do them justice. Fist of Gold doesn’t just offer features like any slot games – each victory will punch all enemies in exchange of coins. Are you interested? Read A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming right below.

A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming

A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming
A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming
  • Amazing 3D Graphics

When you spot a slot game without any card symbols, you know you have found a quality slot. Fist of Gold excel in this case. Spadegaming used smooth 3D graphics to enhance this game. It can be seen on the individual symbols – every bettor who plays this game will meet Bruce Lee and his enemies on the reels. The display design also let gamblers see through the background, creating the atmosphere as if we really are fighting in an authentic dojo.

  • The Choice for Low and High Roller

With such amazing graphics, it’s no wonder that Fist of Gold will put up their highest limit as much as 500 credits. However, budget players and low rollers are welcome to play because the low limit goes as far as one credit. This makes Fist of Gold a slot game with high payout that can be played by everyone. Not only budget players and low rollers, high rollers and those who use progressive strategies can play this game leniently. It’s not an exaggeration to call this game a universal choice for every bettor online.

  • Bonuses Like No Other

Get ready to get big win because this game gives out bonuses like no other. Just like any interesting online slot game, there are wilds and scatters. The wild symbol is presented by Bruce Lee himself. He will only appear on reel two, three, and four. If you are lucky, 40 wilds will strike the reels at once and stack on the screen. The scatter symbol is presented by a dragon, which works just like normal scatter. However, it can trigger rocking reel feature that will grow your multipliers on consecutive victory. There’s also a rare wild symbol called dragon wild. The appearance of dragon wild will give definite win to the player. Sadly, this rare symbol can’t be triggered during rocking reel feature.

  • Big Payout Alert

With bet limit as high as 500 credits, it’s hard to imagine this game with small payout. The biggest payout line up goes on the enemy symbols. The martial artist can pay up to 350, the ninja 400, the boxer 500, and the golden-clawed master up to 1000. The numbers may not look like much, but with the rocking reel feature bettors surely will not want to miss winning them at all. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to have them along with dragon wild!

A Review of Fist of Gold from Spadegaming can’t do justice of this game. The nostalgia is strong in this one, armed with stunning 3D graphics and interesting bonuses. For those who are curious of this game, just play Fist of Gold immediately on QQ808 or QQ882 for the best experience possible!

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