5 Right Things to Do When Playing VIP Baccarat

5 Right Things to Do When Playing VIP Baccarat

VIP baccarat is really an exclusive baccarat game. It is made in such a way to attract your attention to feel the exclusive and private sensation of the game. The important thing is you cannot do any mistake. Here are 5 right things to do when playing VIP baccarat.

5 Right Things to Do When Playing VIP Baccarat

5 Right Things to Do When Playing VIP Baccarat
5 Right Things to Do When Playing VIP Baccarat
  • Lean on The Banker Side

It has been proven that banker side profits more than any other be option in baccarat according to some guidelines and tips. There are a few reasons to back it up. Firstly, banker hand has the lowest house edge, making it the safest choice to pick. Second, banker hand statistically wins more than the other choices. This is because the hand finished last, making the possibility to get bigger cards much higher than player hand. So, always start and bet faithfully on banker hand.

  • Do It Like in Blackjack Land

Does cards-counting only works in blackjack? The answer is no. In fact, doing card counting in every card game helps bettor to figure some things out. For instance, we can keep track on how many decks are left and what cards are left to appear. By doing card counting, we can predict the possibility of each card to appear. For online gamblers, feel free to take notes of that cards had appeared to predict what cards will appear in the future.

  • Never do Tie (Unless You Count the Cards)

Now you might ask; why do we count the cards if the bet will stay on banker anyway? Well, when we count cards, we created insurance for ourselves. We get to know what cards possibly appears in the future. As we reached the end of a deck or a session, the possibility will get cut even to last four (or perhaps five or six) last cards on the table. With our counting efforts, we know what cards are left – and if they happen to be tie or winning on player’s hand, it’s easy to bet on them.

  • Switch Your Choice After Two Loss

Even though banker hand has the most chances to win, that doesn’t mean the option can’t lose. In case you are losing on banker once, try to bet on it once again and see the result. If it loses again, switch to player hand then keep at it. If not, continue with banker hand. The idea here is to get most of the winning side. When you encounter another lose, repeat the same thing and switch hand when necessary.

  • Bet Moderately

Since betting on either hand doesn’t pay much, bettors might like to bet bigger. However, such move will end the game fast since we can’t control the game results. Betting more means losing more on a losing strike. If you want to avoid loss, keep on betting on the lowest bet limit.

So you already know the information about online casino and 5 right things to do when playing VIP baccarat and you are ready to play it. The first thing is no need to suit-up yourself. Stay wherever you are and become a VIP player, then start the game.

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